Wer über ein wenig Englischkenntnisse verfügt, sollte lesen was der gute Shag über sein neuestes Release zu sagen hat. Das nenn ich Musik mit Leidenschaft, hört man auch, Wort! Mehr hab ich dazu nicht zu sagen:

„This is my 19th release, and out of all 19, I’ve definitely had the most fun working on this collection. I hope you feel as much joy in listening as I had in creating the music. My life has been going through many positive changes lately and I think it has really reflected into and come out my creations in a way I’ve never seen before. I just finished my first semester of University and I’m feeling very confident about where things are going in my life.

However, through all the change and experiences that are new to me, I’ve noticed that some cycles never change; never end. This holds especially true with people. I have a few relationships in my life that feel like endless loops. Neither of us gain ground, achieve happiness, or become content. We just circle around each other like the revolution of a record. The spinning of vinyl on a turntable was very symbolic for me; it represented this unhealthy relationship and was the basis for the title of the project as a whole. Revolution has more than one meaning however, and as I felt as if I was going through a musical revolution in my style of production, the title was more than appropriate.

I hope you feel something while you listen from beginning to end. Thanks for taking the time to check it out.“


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